A few years ago, I was listening to Evangelist Sid Roth on his radio show as he interviewed Dr. John Miller from Florida. Dr. Miller was talking about how he had studied for 25 years the benefits of taking Holy Communion often, including daily in your home, and sometimes more than once a day. He stated how he has seen exciting miracles take place as a result. He said, “If we would focus on the bread as the actual body of the sacrificial lamb (Jesus), and the wine or symbolic wine as the actual blood of the sacrificial lamb (Jesus), the blessings of the new covenant would manifest.”

I take communion often now and have made it a part of our Monday evening ministry session with the teams before ministry.

Here is how I usually take Holy Communion:

Holding the bread and the wine (or symbolic wine). “Jesus, we come together now to honor You, to worship You. We thank You for being the sacrificial lamb for all of mankind who will accept You for who You are and what You did for us. Father, we ask that You sanctify this bread as the body of the Sacrificial Lamb, Jesus.

“Jesus, as you said at the last supper, take of the bread and eat, that this is Your body broken for us, we do this in remembrance of You. Father, we ask that You sanctify this bread as the body of the Lamb, Jesus. As we take the bread, we eat it (begin to chew on the bread) on behalf of ourselves, our families, and the people who come for ministry. We acknowledge that every need in our lives has been met by what You did for us at the cross.

As we eat of the body of the Lamb, we declare that every spiritual attack set up against us is now permanently cancelled, that we are healed (as you eat of the Sacrificial Lamb, the bread, see your particular need healed), physically healed, mentally healed, emotionally healed, and that Jesus became poor that we may prosper (thereby healing us financially). Glory to the Lamb, Jesus.

“Jesus, You also said to take of the wine (or symbolic wine) and drink, that this is Your blood shed for us. Father, we ask that You sanctify this wine as the blood of the Lamb, Jesus. As we drink now, we declare this as a seal of the blessings of the new covenant, spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally, financially. We thank You, Lord, that there is redemption in
this blood, deliverance, and healing in the blood for spiritual warfare, long, healthy, productive life in the blood, abundance in the blood and power in the blood. Glory to the Lamb, Jesus.”

I highly recommend that you take Holy Communion often, especially after you have received ministry, in fact, the rest of your life. There is life in the blood!