DELIVERANCE NEWS                  9/20/13


Contribute online at Many are partnering with this ministry, sowing weekly and monthly into this ministry because we are affecting many lives in such a powerful way Doing the SUPERNATURAL Works of Jesus. Please consider giving$50.00 per month or more to partner with this ministry.

Please tell your friends what you have experienced at Deliverance Ministries on Monday nights. Invite them to experience the same freedom you have experienced. We have cards available on Monday nights and at the office for the purpose of handing out to those who are experiencing problems that are most likely caused by evil spirits. Pick up cards and hand them out.


5:30 pm Monday nights at 900 N. May Ave., location of the Faith Fellowship Church building and Heart Menders. Oklahoma City, OK 73107. Please plan on coming for the full evening of ministry. The teaching and door closing prayers are mandatory to receive ministry. Most feel much better at the end of the evening because they have been desperate to do whatever it takes to receive their deliverance. Some are finished by 10:00 pm; others need to come back after the first session. We minister until 11:30 pm for those who need it and for those who are unfinished, return the following week.


The new website is up and running. All of the problems with the older website have been corrected and eliminated. The web address is still the same… However, we are in the process of adding a new dimension that will be called: We are thinking about the general public and how to reach out to the lost or the unchurched that may be experiencing problems. Please let us know areas that you would like to have included in this section of the website.


Six Essentials for the Warrior from Everyone’s Guide to Demons and Spiritual Warfare by Ron Phillips:

1.     Get under authority – submission.

2.     Get on fire for the cause – passion.

3.     Be prepared for warfare – discipline.

4.     Believe you can win – vision.

5.     Know your weapons – power.

6.     Go to the next level – excellence.


Dear Mr. Peterson,

I wanted to share with you about how the Father prompted me to send this donation.  A dear friend of mine, Stacie Jennings, who currently resides in Naples, FL suggested that I tell my son and his girlfriend about your ministry.  They were struggling against serious bondage and addiction.   I told them about my experience there (I have been once) and they seemed interested, so I made a reservation for them for last Monday evening.  I am working out of state.

They did attend the ministry on Monday night (I really did not expect them to show up, but continued to pray that they would).  They were blessed beyond measure!  Miracles happened, demons fled, my son received the gift of tongues. He told me that they were asked to make a donation, and  that they did not have any money. (which is painfully true:)  Just wanted to share that God had already provided thru me for a donation before they even came to the meeting.  AND my son was offered a job the next day (he has been unemployed for 90+ days)  AND both of them remain drug and alcohol free as of today, one day at a time.

Just wanted to share the blessings and favor of God that has been visited upon my family as a direct result of your ministry.  Thank you for your willingness to serve.....the Word will not return void!



The spiritual world is in turmoil, I am inundated with requests, about 20 on the waiting list. I went to Alaska for 8 days, worked with 12 people and taught a 8 hour teaching session. They were SO HUNGRY for the things we do. I had one 15 year old boy with SEVERE dyslexia healed. He read for the first time, and read well, and wrote the first sentence of his life. He was totally healed, I worked with the roots, cast out dyslexia, saw some improvement and the Holy Spirit gave me "perception". I cast that out and he was healed. Had a bunch of other standard healing stuff but that one was the fist dyslexia. Your ministry footprints are now in Alaska. I am sending your CDs and other materials to them, I left your book and SWAT manual. Blessings. Phil



Everett's Book plus videos are available from

Derek Prince provides a Prophetic Guide to the End Times.

Invisible Barriers to Healing by Derek Prince

THE BLACK AWAKENING… Former Chaplain at the University of Akron PD, Russ Dizdar (Christian), discussed Satanic ritual abuse (SRA) and how many cases of multiple personality disorder are the results of occult programming. Estimates suggest that up to 4-10 million people may have been harmed by this type of abuse, he reported.... Satanic ritual abuse has affected as many as 4,000,000 in the world. Many with as many as 70-80 mutiple personalities each are demonized by satanists. These are German speaking Nazi demons. There are 4 generations of these demonized individuals. Sexual abuse of children in the worst way. They know 4-5 languages including ancient languages.

Speaking in Tongues proven by science.

08-05-13 Team Training by Everett Cox and Philip Pratt.

People receive deliverance on the web with videos at

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CUBA: Preparations are continually being made for a deliverance ministries focused mission trip to Cuba. Plane tickets have been purchased and deposits have been sent for four (4) team members to leave Oklahoma City December 12-20, 2013 bound for Havana, Cuba. The primary reason for going in December is so that these four can concentrate on supernatural projects in Haiti. They will partner with the Cuban deliverance team to go into the poorest neighborhoods in Havana to heal the sick and set the captives free showing the love of Jesus. As teams, they will go to orphanages and mental hospitals to demonstrate the love of Jesus. Meetings with Cuban prison ministers will provide additional opportunities to demonstrate the power of God and the love of God. They will have appointments with some of the Cuban Christian Pastors who have been converted out of Santaria. The plan is to take the train to El Rincon St. Lazarus Church to look for opportunities to minister to the 20,000 Santaria pilgrims to gain healing from St. Lazarus. Finally, the plan is to meet with the head Santaria priest; i.e. Castro’s Pastor, twice to reveal the love of Jesus and the power of God.

ELK CITY, OK: Craig Platt has begun a weekly Monday night Deliverance Ministry based on training and ministry he has received in Oklahoma City. He is excited about the doors that are open for ministry in Elk City. If you are interested in volunteering with him in this new venture, contact him at (580) 374-7122. Craig has already had some pretty spectacular ministry and events taking authority Jesus has given to him in Elk City America.

INDONESIA: We have authorized a woman from Indonesia who lives in Oklahoma City and has a heart for Indonesia to translate Everett’s book and additional materials into their language so that she can have it published in their language to train people in the church to do the SUPERNATURAL works of Jesus. We have discovered that there are several people in Oklahoma City that have an interest in Indonesia and have ministries already established there. Our plan is to connect them so that we can develop a plan for the release of this book in their language and the training of local believers. Jesus said, “Believers shall drive out demons, ….” Matt. 16.

PHONE MINISTRY: We are now receiving more and more requests for ministry by phone… about one every other day. Please let us know if you are available for telephone ministry…

YOUR CITY, YOUR STATE: We are developing training on video so that you can step out and do these supernatural works of Jesus wherever you are in the world.


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Everett Cox, Sr. Minister & Founder

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